I.L.P. was founded by independent designer Yang Juan. The ready-to-wear collection focuses on shaping graceful feminine curves, high-quality materials and smooth cut. The combination of exquisite craftsmanship and sophisticated fabrics is also a major feature of the brand.
Each item of I.L.P. is the perfect demonstration of passion, romance and female power.
The high-grade design of I.L.P. brings a sense of confidence, independence, and elegance, and with its original and exquisite workmanship, I.L.P. has won the hearts of a great number of consumers at home.

I.L.P. encourages all the women to be strong, self-determinate, self-disciplined and independent. The brand helps convey ladies’ new appeals to fashion in this generation. The classic waist-hip design implies the self-disciplined spirit and charm, which inspires women to do what they want to do and be who they really are. I.L.P. devotes in modern design of high wearability, romance and magnificence.

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